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Between Valleys

Entre Vales

Vicente leads a normal life at home and at work until one loss after another leads him on an erratic journey towards alienation. A quietly ambitious look at the fragility of man's control of his destiny.

June 2, 2013
8:30 PM Harvard Exit Date has passed
June 3, 2013
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How secure is your job, your family, your home—your sanity? And what would you do if you lost them all? Philippe Barcinski's ambitious Between Valleys tells the story of Vicente, a successful, married, economist with a nine-year-old son. It also tells the story of Antônio, the same man, living as a Hurgadores-one of the homeless, trash scavengers who live and work in Brazil's enormous garbage dumps. Vicente seems to have it all, but as we watch his life begins to crumble little by little. Meanwhile, Antônio, already at rock bottom, struggles to rebuild his life. Barcinski and cinematographer Walter Carvalho artfully realize both of these worlds, especially as they plunge Vicente/Antônio into the garbage dump's pulsing ocean of trash, where each bulldozer's passing creates hypnotic waves that appear as if they might engulf the man at any moment. With Between Valleys, Barcinski returns to a recurring theme in his work: the fragile nature of the trappings that we often believe define our lives. But he reinvigorates the concept here with a resourceful twin-timeline narrative, and an honest, hopeful take on an individual's capacity to recreate themselves.

Director Biography
Brazilian director Philippe Barcinski has received numerous awards for his bevy of short films, including The Open Window which played at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. Also a director for advertising campaigns, he made his feature debut with 2007’s Not By Chance.

Director: Philippe Barcinski
Principal Cast: Angelo Antonio, Melissa Vettore, Daniel Hendler, Ines Peixoto, Matheus Restiffe
Premiere Status: North American
Country: Brazil, Germany, Uruguay
Year: 2012
Running Time: 80 minutes
Producer: Malu Viana Batista, Andre Montenegro, Rui Pires, Philippe Barcinski
Screenplay: Fabiana Werneck Barcinski, Philippe Barcinski
Cinematographers: Walter Carvalho
Editors: Leopoldo Joe Nakata
Music: Rica Amabis, Luca Raele, Tejo Damasceno
Filmography: Not by Chance (2007)
Language: Spanish, Portuguese
Subtitles: Yes
Format: DCP
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