United Kingdom | 2013 | 11 minutes | Mangus Mork

In a Cardiff burger bar catering to late-night revelers, everybody’s after something. And tonight, anything goes.

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Gay By Any Means

From life in a possible future to the issues being faced here and now, staying in the closet is not an option for the men in these intriguing and touching stories.

Director: Mangus Mork
Principal Cast: Akram Akbari, Zaman Ahmadi, Matthew Ashford, Emily Barber, Charlotte Brimble
Premier Status: North American Premiere
Country: United Kingdom, Norway
Year: 2013
Running Time: 11 minutes
Producer: Grant Vidgen
Screenplay: Magnus Mork
Cinematographers: Øystein Mamen
Editors: Ida Kolstø
Music: Christian Engebretsen, Arvid Falch
Filmography: The Samaritan (2010); Flatmates (2007)
Language: English
Format: Digital
International Sales: The Festivals Company
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