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Celestial Wives of Meadow Mari

Russia | 2012 | 106 minutes | Alexsei Fedorchenko

From Aleksey Fedorchenko, the director of Silent Souls, comes a wholly original, humorous, beautiful folk tale—told in the native tongue of the nature worshipping Mari—about 22 strong independent women whose names all begin with the letter O.

April 30, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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June 6, 2013
Kirkland Performance Center  
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June 8, 2013
xHarvard Exit  
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June 9, 2013
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From Aleksey Fedorchenko, the director of Silent Souls and The First on the Moon comes Celestial Wives of Meadow Mari, a wholly original, humorous, colorful, and beautiful folk tale surrounding twenty-two Mari women whose names all begin with the letter O. They believe in magic birch-trees and in shamans, in the power of spells and the wisdom of nature. Above all they believe in life and combine this with a healthy appetite for sex. The tales of these wise but temperamental women who practice their ancient traditions take place in the Mari El Autonomous Republic region of Russia, near Yoshkar-Ola on the Volga River. The Mari are, in fact, a Volga-Finnic ethnic group and they have their own language and customs of worshipping nature. They have survived centuries of Christian and Muslim hegemony in this region of Russia that is just five hundred miles east of Moscow. Today the Mari's continue to preserve their language and heritage. Director Fedorchenko's methodology and approach to this independent populace is both loving and full of bawdy wit.

Director Biography
Aleksey Fedorchenko, born in 1966 near Orenburg, is a Russian writer and director. He made his directorial debut in 2002 with the documentary David which received, among various accolades, the Grand Prix at the Stockholm Film Festival. After making his award-winning docu-fiction film First on the Moon (2005), which received a Venice Horizons Documentary Award, Fedorchenko founded production company February 29th Productions.

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Director: Alexsei Fedorchenko
Principal Cast: Julia Aug, Yana Esipovich, Vasiliy Domrachev, Daria Ekamasova, Yana Troyanova, Yana Sexte
Premier Status: North America
Country: Russia
Year: 2012
Running Time: 106 minutes
Producer: Dmitry Vorobyev, Leonid Lebedev, Mikhail Schukin
Screenplay: Denis Osokin
Cinematographers: Shandor Berkeshy
Editors: Roman Vazhenin
Music: Andrey Karasev
Filmography: Silent Souls (2010); The Railway (2007); The First People on the Moon (2005)
Language: Russian, Mari
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
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