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Cheap Thrills

Director E.L. Katz scheduled to attend | June 7 & June 8

USA | 2013 | 85 minutes | E.L. Katz

In this fiendishly black comedy, a recently unemployed new dad and his old high school buddy engage in a game of dares and degradation, all for financial reward, which quickly escalates to outrageous and unnerving heights. Starring Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, and David Koechner.

June 7, 2013
SIFF Cinema Egyptian  
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June 8, 2013
Kirkland Performance Center  
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This fiendishly twisted black comedy is guaranteed to elicit gasps of both humor and horror, as two friends engage in an escalating game of degradation in exchange for shocking sums of money. New father Craig (Pat Healy, unforgettable in last year's Compliance) is in a bind. His family is about to be evicted and he has been laid off from his mechanic job. Despondent, he heads to the local bar and meets up with old friend Vince (Ethan Embry), an ex-con also struggling to make ends meet. They attract the attention of a wealthy couple celebrating their anniversary, the boisterous Colin (David Koechner) and the arrestingly sexy Violet (Sara Paxton), who impishly propose some bar bets: nothing much, just some darts and maybe a few naughty dares in exchange for a little cash. The games soon intensify, and as the antes are upped and these two cash-strapped friends find that they have underestimated their own limits. First-time director E.L. Katz nimbly directs a wickedly entertaining script that blends brutality and razor sharp wit into a morality tale that walks to edge of the fiscal cliff...and jumps off.

Director Biography
E.L. Katz has participated in various fields of the film industry as a producer and casting director, but he is best known as a horror genre writer. Notable written credits include Pop Skull (2007), which screened at the Boston Underground Film Festival, and Autopsy (2008). Cheap Thrills is Katz’s directorial debut.

Sponsored in part by Scarecrow Video, Zipcar.

Director: E.L. Katz
Principal Cast: Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, Sara Paxton, David Koechner, Amanda Fuller
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 85 minutes
Producer: Gena Wilbur, Curtis Raines, Travis Stevens, Gabriel Cowan, John Suits
Screenplay: Trent Haaga, David Chirchirillo
Cinematographers: Sebastian Wintero, Andrew Wheeler
Editors: Brody Gusar
Music: Mads Heldtberg
Website: http://drafthousefilms.com/film/cheap-thrills
Awards: SXSW 2013 (Audience Award Midnighters); Boston Underground Film Festival 2013 (Best Feature)
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: English
Format: DCP
US Distributor: Drafthouse Films
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