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Computer Chess

Actor Myles Paige scheduled to attend | May 30 & May 31

USA | 2013 | 91 minutes | Andrew Bujalski

This Sundance award-winner by mumblecore comedy pioneer Andrew Bujalski was shot completely on vintage video equipment, lending it a grainy authenticity. Computer Chess returns to circa 1980, where several teams of programmers face off in the ultimate game of mathematical supremacy and the beginnings of AI are heralded with just the right amount of satirical restraint.

May 30, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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May 31, 2013
xHarvard Exit  
4:30 PM Date has passed
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In 1980, the greatest minds in computer programming come together in a tawdry hotel conference room to pit their cumbersome, state-of-the-art computers against each other in the ultimate game of strategy: computer chess. Up-and-coming engineers challenge frustrated former champions for mathematical supremacy, and between matches they share nerdy obsessions, crush on the only girl in their midst, take psychedelic drugs, and discover the philosophical side of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, the hotel has been invaded by an oddball couples' support group, and an industry renegade wanders the halls in search of a spare bed. Writer/director Andrew Bujalski, whose 2002 film Funny Ha Ha defined the modern micro-budget independent film, has created a nostalgic and droll comedy that not only explores the scruffy early days of computer technology, but of video as well. Using the now-antique format of magnetic analogue video tape, the same kind used for local TV newscasts of the period, Bujalski gives the proceedings the look and feel of a vintage documentary, while also showcasing the strangely hypnotic beauty of the format. Populating the cast are several real life computer programmers, film critic Gerald Peary, and Richard Linklater alumnus Wiley Wiggins, all of whom add to the naturalism of the proceedings, making Computer Chess a goofy and profound celebration of eccentric genius.

Director Biography
Andrew Bujalski has written and directed the films Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation, and Beeswax, all of which have appeared on the New York Times critics’s “Top Ten of the Year” lists. Funny Ha Ha was also identified by A.O. Scott as one of the “Ten Most Influential Films of the ’00s.” Between duties to his own projects, Andrew also works as a screenwriter-for-hire and a teacher of film production at Boston University and the University of Texas.

Sponsored in part by First Sight Productions, Ingeniux

Director: Andrew Bujalski
Principal Cast: Patrick Riester, Myles Paige, Robin Schwartz, Gerald Peary, Wiley Wiggins
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 91 minutes
Producer: Houston King, Alex Lipschultz
Screenplay: Andrew Bujalski
Cinematographers: Matthias Grunsky
Editors: Andrew Bujalski
Music: Morgan Coy, Kevin Bewersdorf
Website: http://www.computerchessmovie.com/
Awards: Sundance Film Festival 2013 (Alfred P. Sloan Prize)
Filmography: Beeswax (2009); Mutual Appreciation (2005); Funny Ha Ha (2002)
Language: English
Format: HDCAM
US Distributor: Kino Lorber
International Sales: The Film Sales Company
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