Elle s’amuse

Gabon | 2013 | 21 minutes | Nadine Otsobogo

In a house by the sea, a man finds himself unable to find inspiration for his art, until a mysterious woman arrives.

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Sand Fishers

Having lost their jobs due to climate change and overfishing, a group of fishermen have been dubbed Sand Fishers, and now harvest wet compact sand and gravel from the bottom of waterways for use by the construction industry.

Director: Nadine Otsobogo
Principal Cast: Laurent Owondo, Prudence Maidou, Richard Decas, Rowane Otsobogo
Premier Status: U.S. Premiere
Country: Gabon
Year: 2013
Running Time: 21 minutes
Producer: Nadine Otsobogo, Imunga Ivanga
Screenplay: Nadine Otsobogo
Cinematographers: Laurent Ferrari
Editors: Fabienne Pacher
Music: Hervé Lebongo, Patience Dabani
Website: http://www.djobusyproductions.com
Language: French
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: Digital
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