Dog Flesh

Carne de Perro

Chile | 2012 | 81 minutes | Fernando Guzzoni

This brooding and intimate study tells the tale of Alejandro, a solitary, fragile, and unpredictably dangerous man paralyzed by the hostility of his past with the Pinochet dictatorship. Winner, Best New Director, San Sebastián Film Festival.

June 2, 2013
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June 4, 2013
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Middle-aged Alejandro (Alejandro Goic) is a Chilean taxi driver who has been stranded while his broken-down vehicle undergoes repairs. Internally, Alejandro is himself broken down in a much more fundamental way—he is a former member of the Chilean Intelligence Service that was responsible for torturing hundreds of dissidents during the brutal regime of Augusto Pinochet. More than 20 years later, he is now a solitary, fragile, and unpredictable man who remains warped by his hyper-violent past. Abandoned by his ex-wife (Amparo Noguera) and his daughter, the taciturn Alejandro tries to sooth his inner demons with therapeutic showers and visits to the local swimming pool. However, he is still prone to lash out dangerously with horrific violence, often aimed at his elderly pet dog. (Animal lovers, be forewarned.) Alejandro meets a single mother named Gabriela (Maria Gracia Omegna) and sees a relationship with her as a potentially redemptive force. But as he tries to contact Gabriela again, he discovers that she has some secrets of her own. Rather than address the Pinochet atrocities from the perspective of the victims, director Fernando Guzzoni provocatively chose to focus on an unsympathetic cog in the regime's torture machine to highlight the dictatorship's universally corrosive effects on the human psyche. The casting of Goic, a real-life victim of torture under Pinochet, adds an extra layer of frisson to this uncompromising portrayal of a monster attempting to rediscover his humanity.

Director Biography
Chile’s Fernando Guzzoni began his career writing and directing television shows and commercials before completing his debut feature, the documentary La Colorina (2008). Dog Flesh, Guzzoni’s first narrative feature, earned him the Best New Director Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Director: Fernando Guzzoni
Principal Cast: Alejandro Goic, Amparo Noguera, Daniel Alcaíno, Sergio Hernández, María Gracia Omegna
Country: Chile, France, Germany
Year: 2012
Running Time: 81 minutes
Producer: Adrian Solar, Jacques Bidou, Gunter Hanfgarn
Screenplay: Fernando Guzzoni
Cinematographers: Bárbara Alvarez
Editors: Javier Estévez
Awards: San Sebastian Film Festival 2012 (New Directors Award); Göteborg International Film Festival 2013 (Ingmar Bergman Award)
Filmography: La Colorina (2008)
Language: Spanish
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
International Sales: FiGa Films
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