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Brazil | 2012 | 75 minutes | Bruno Safadi

Dazed and vulnerable following the sudden death of her husband, heavily pregnant Karine becomes involved in the cultish "Church of Éden." The church's domineering pastor takes her under his wing as a religious ambassador in this sinister and stylish Brazilian drama.

June 7, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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June 8, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Dazed, vulnerable, and eight months pregnant, Karine (Leandra Leal) is brought to the Church of Éden, run by the charismatic Pastor Naldo. Desperate following the tragic death of her husband, Karine hesitantly accepts the church's support and soon becomes Naldo's new favorite. In return, the opportunistic pastor begins to groom her to become an "ambassador" for his new religious mission, thus setting in motion this exquisitely realized tale of religious hypocrisy. Employing an ingenious and provocative narrative structure, writer-director Bruno Safadi inter-cuts the story of Karine's indoctrination with elliptical flashbacks of her life with her husband, cleverly redefining her story with each reveal. Furthermore, Safadi and his cinematographer Lula Carvalho balance these atmospheric interludes with documentary-style footage of Éden's gritty street missions, and infuse the scenes of Karine's life behind the church doors with a claustrophobic, lurking menace. With a nuanced performance as Pastor Naldo, João Miguel (Xingu, SIFF 2012) demonstrates again why he is quickly becoming known as one of Brazil's finest actors, but the real revelation here is Leal's dynamic performance as Karine, conveying the woman's inner turmoil with a range that can shift from subtle to seismic in a single scene.

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Director: Bruno Safadi
Principal Cast: Leandra Leal, João Miguel, Julio Andrade, André Ramiro, Cristina Lago, João Zappa
Premier Status: North America
Country: Brazil
Year: 2012
Running Time: 75 minutes
Producer: Jan Roldanus
Screenplay: Antonia Pellegrino, Bruno Safadi
Cinematographers: Lula Carvalho
Editors: Rodrigo Lima
Music: Guilherme Vaz
Awards: Rio International Film Festival 2012 (Best Actress)
Filmography: Harmonica’s Howl (2013), Belair (2009), My Name Is Dindi (2007)
Language: Portuguese
Format: DCP
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