Film Programs

African Pictures

African Pictures showcases the best filmmaking happening in and about Africa today. This three-year program, made possible through the generous support of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will bring shorts and features, documentaries and fiction films to American audiences who might never have the chance to see them otherwise. This is a not-to-be missed opportunity to experience innovative and inspiring filmmaking from across the continent. Browse the Films


Tito On Ice

Alternate Cinema

Memory is an unreliable narrator, and in that vein this year's Alternate Cinema section explores the ideas of truth and memory. Browse the Films


Ambiente: New Spanish Cinema

This year's array of Spanish films offer a heady mix of sights and sounds that will transport you from the temperate Northwest to the sunny Mediterranean. Browse the Films


Safety Last!

Archival Presentations

New digital technologies are helping films of the celluloid era find new life through painstaking, meticulous, and gorgeous new restorations that look better than ever on the giant screen. With the support of organizations like Scorsese's The Film Foundation, the World Cinema Foundation, and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, films from around the world are being saved, so that our past can also be a part of our future. Browse the Films


Asian Crossroads

Asian Crossroads brings diverse voices from an expansive region, with contributions from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, and the Philippines. Browse the Films


Teddy Bears


Building on the success of last year's inaugural program, Catalyst returns to the Festival with a slate of six must-see indies (including four world premieres!) and a full day of educational panels designed to give you the inside scoop on the current state of independent cinema. Browse the Films


Face the Music

Music is an outburst of the soul, and some of this year's musical films endeavor to capture that outburst in all of its emotional, raw, unbridled glory. Our live events showcase how the intersections of film and music illuminate each medium in their own way, whether through a shared sense of dramatic storytelling or via the less predictable pathways of history, home, and reinterpretation. Browse the Films


Ernest and Celestine


Join SIFF each weekend morning throughout the Festival for extraordinary experiences of both international and new American films created for children and the young at heart. Browse the Films



The SIFF FutureWave Committee, comprised of 15 students from across the Seattle Metro area, plan events and curate films and plan events for their peer group. Browse the Films


Cheap Thrills

Midnight Adrenaline

Midnight Adrenaline is a dangerous and highly addictive cinematic experience. When taken in small doses, Midnight Adrenaline has been found to have a minor stimulant effect: heightened perception, sharpened awareness, and increased alertness. However, when consumed in larger doses, the effects of Midnight Adrenaline are unpredictable. Browse the Films


New American Cinema

When we begin the film selection process in the fall, each film lover on SIFF's programming team leaves the office with bags full of film screeners, each disc containing the hopes and dreams of filmmakers, casts and crews from around the world. By far, we receive the largest volume of submissions from independent American filmmakers and, each year, we are only able to select a fraction of those that we love. However, each of the films we've chosen this year to represent the collective output of U.S. independents we love very much, and hope that you will, too. Browse the Films


Touchy Feely

Northwest Connections

Seattleites see more films per capita than the residents of any other American city, and a growing number of these selections have their roots in the fertile Pacific Northwest film community. Each year, SIFF honors the many ways in which the Puget Sound region contributes to the world of cinema, whether it acts as an evocative location for outside filmmakers or as inspiration for local filmmakers ready to strut their stuff. Browse the Films



Secret Festival

Carpe Diem (but keep it quiet)! The first rule of the Secret Festival is: DO NOT TALK about the Secret Festival. Ever. Admission is by Secret Festival Pass only. Click here to purchase.

Short Films

Not just apprentice works or warm-ups to feature films, short films have their very own strengths, a lot of charm-and often pack just as powerful a punch. Browse the Films



Join us over Memorial Day Weekend at SIFF Cinema Uptown for ShortsFest Weekend, our annual celebration of the short form. Browse the Films