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Free Fall

Freier Fall

Germany | 2013 | 100 minutes | Stephan Lacant

Marc, an expectant father and police officer, loses control of his seemingly perfect life when he develops romantic feelings for Kay, another man in his police unit. When Kay suddenly disappears, Marc's world capsizes.

June 7, 2013
SIFF Cinema Egyptian  
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June 8, 2013
SIFF Cinema Egyptian  
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June 9, 2013
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On a weekend police-training course, Marc meets fellow officer, Kay, and begins to develop feelings for him. Kay is spontaneous and a little illicit, which is not Marc's day-to- day life. Back at home though, Marc thinks nothing of it-until Kay is transferred to his unit. Torn between his love for his pregnant girlfriend Bettina and the rush of a completely new experience, his life spins increasingly out of control. As they deepen their affair, Marc becomes tangled in a web of lies and deceit, becoming more and more estranged from his family, but running away with Kay is not an option. When Kay disappears without warning and leaves no forwarding address, it dawns on Marc that his absence has ripped a gaping hole in his life. Marc can no longer satisfy everyone's expectations-least of all his own. Director Stephan Lacant's atmospheric and sexy feature explores the dramatic story of a man who veers off the conventional path he thought he was on and suddenly finds himself in free fall.

Director Biography
Stephan Lacant is a German director and screenwriter. He directed short experimental videos and documentaries before making his first feature Fireflies in 2006.

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Director: Stephan Lacant
Principal Cast: Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelt, Katharina Schüttler, Maren Kroymann
Country: Germany
Year: 2013
Running Time: 100 minutes
Producer: Christoph Holtof, Daniel Reich
Screenplay: Stephan Lacant, Karsten Dahlem
Cinematographers: Sten Mende
Editors: Monika Schindler
Music: Dürbeck & Dohmen
Website: http://www.freierfall-film.de/
Filmography: Fireflies (2006)
Language: German
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
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