A Gift

USA | 2013 | 2 minutes | Julia Hechler

A Gift introduces Samuel Green, Washington State’s first poet laureate, whose poetry inspired The Only Time We Have. Samuel uses poetry to make sense of his life experiences as well as to better understand others.

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Fly Filmmaking Challenge 2013

Inspired by works of art created by one of the 2012 Artist Trust Fellows, our four Fly Filmmakers (Ben Andrews, Amy Enser, Lulu Gargiulo, and Curtis Taylor) rose to the challenge with original films that were shot in neighborhoods across Seattle.

Director: Julia Hechler
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 2 minutes
Producer: Julia Hechler
Screenplay: Sydney Farrer, Julia Hechler
Cinematographers: Jenna Pool
Editors: Sydney Farrer
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