I Can't See You Anymore

Ireland | 2012 | 15 minutes | Michael Kinirons

Awaking from a coma after an accident, a psychiatrist is forced to confront the consequences of his own actions.

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Thriller Night

Vigilante justice. Burning battlefield grudges. Robots seeking revenge. As these gripping tales of action-packed, high-stakes drama unfold, just try to hang on to the edge of your seat.

Director: Michael Kinirons
Principal Cast: David Murray, Caroline Morahan,Kelly Campbell, Brian Fortune
Country: Ireland
Year: 2012
Running Time: 15 minutes
Producer: Ailish Bracken
Screenplay: Thomas Martin
Cinematographers: Suzie Lavelle
Editors: Frank Reid
Music: Chris White
Website: http://www.blinderfilms.com
Language: English
Format: Digital
International Sales: Bl!nder Films
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