I Kori (The Daughter)

I Kori

Greece | 2012 | 87 minutes | Thanos Anastopoulos

Reeling from her father’s disappearance during Greece’s recent financial meltdown, 14-year-old Myrto kidnaps the son of her father’s former business partner in this claustrophobic drama.

June 5, 2013
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June 9, 2013
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A nation imploding into chaos forms the backdrop for a young girl's desperate actions in this arresting noirish thriller. When her father (Yorgos Symeonidis) disappears, 14-year-old Myrto (Savina Alimani) searches for him through Athens streets cluttered with rioters angrily demonstrating against Greece's economic collapse. The source of the protesters' misery is her father's as well, who seems to have gone into hiding one step ahead of the massive debts incurred when his lumberyard went bankrupt. This is all a matter of great indifference to Myrto's divorced mother, happily rid of her ex, leaving the girl to find a solution of her own. Assessing the situation with a profound, if perhaps naïve, clarity ("There are no monsters," she says, "only bad people"), Myrto lays blame on her father's business partner, and seeks her retribution by kidnapping the man's 8-year-old son (Aggelos Papadimas). Hiding the boy away among the gleaming wood of her father's failed business, threatening him with sadistic uses of pliers and saw, Myrto will discover the limits of her own monstrosity in a time where outside forces are making brutes of everyone around her.

Director Biography
Thanos Anastopoulos made his feature debut with 2003’s All the Weight of the World. Its follow-up, Correction (2007), received many awards for its stark portrayal of Greece’s anti-Albanian prejudice. After a number of years working as a producer, The Daughter marks his return to the director’s chair.

Director: Thanos Anastopoulos
Principal Cast: Savina Alimani, Aggelos Papadimas, Yorgos Symeonidis, Ieronymos Kaletsanos, Ornela Kapetani
Premier Status: North America
Country: Greece, Italy
Year: 2012
Running Time: 87 minutes
Producer: Stella Theodoraki, Thanos Anastopoulos
Screenplay: Thanos Anastopoulos, Vasilis Yiatsis
Cinematographers: Elias Adamis
Editors: Napoleon Stratogiannakis
Website: http://www.pascaleramonda.com/the-daughter/
Filmography: Correction (2008); All the Weight of the World (2004)
Language: Greek
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
International Sales: Celluloid Dreams
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