In a World...

USA | 2013 | 93 minutes | Lake Bell

An underachieving vocal coach is motivated by her father, the king of movie trailer voice-overs, to pursue her secret aspiration of becoming a voiceover star. And then the real trouble begins as she becomes entangled in a web of dysfunction, sexism, unmitigated ego, and pride.

May 24, 2013
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May 26, 2013
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Writer-director Lake Bell's feature film debut (and Sundance award winner) In a World... follows struggling vocal coach Carol (Bell) as she goes head-to-head with the top voice actors in Los Angeles (including her own father) to land a career-making gig on a studio blockbuster trailer. Unwilling to acknowledge his daughter's voice acting abilities, Sam (Fred Melamed) treats Carol with condescension, dismissing her attempts to break into the voice acting trade as a humorous boondoggle. As Carol struggles to make ends meet as a vocal coach, Sam lives like a king, bestowing his favor on up-and-coming male protégés with nary a second thought. When she gets a shot at the gig of a lifetime on an upcoming blockbuster movie trailer, and then becomes the front-runner, her father and his voice acting cronies circle the wagons in hopes of keeping Carol out of their elite boys' club. Meanwhile, Carol's sister, Dani (Michaela Watkins), tries to salvage her marriage to Moe (Rob Corddry), which puts Carol in the awkward position of acting as go-between for the sparring lovers. Featuring a cast stocked with some of today's funniest people, including Nick Offerman, Demetri Martin, and Tig Notaro, In a World... is one of the most entertaining films of the year.

Director Biography
Lake Bell is an actress whose writing and directing debut was the short film Worst Enemy, which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Her acting credits include It's Complicated (2009) and No Strings Attached (2011) as well as the television series Boston Legal (2004-2006), How to Make It in America (2010-2011), and Childrens Hospital (2008-Present).

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Director: Lake Bell
Principal Cast: Lake Bell, Fred Melamed, Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins, Ken Marino, Nick Offerman, Demetri Martin, Tig Notaro
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 93 minutes
Producer: Lake Bell, Mark Roberts, Jett Steiger, Eddie Vaisman
Screenplay: Lake Bell
Cinematographers: Seamus Tierney
Editors: Tom McArdle
Music: Ryan Miller
Awards: Sundance 2013 (Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award: U.S. Dramatic)
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: English
Format: DCP
US Distributor: Roadside Attractions
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