It's All So Quiet

Boven is het stil

Netherlands | 2013 | 94 minutes | Nanouk Leopold

This subtle portrait of rural loneliness tells the story of a middle-aged farmer's quest to cast off the shackles of closeted emotional repression he's worn all his life, featuring the last screen performance of the renowned Dutch actor Jeroen Willems.

May 30, 2013
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May 31, 2013
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Played with stoic grace by the late Jeroen Willems of Dutch theater renown, middle-aged rancher Helmer wears a lifetime of repressed desires and disappointments on his face. After moving his ailing, dismissive father upstairs, he timidly begins to shape his life to his own needs. Will he respond to the shy overtones from the local dairy trucker, the friendly flirtations of the neighbor ignored by her absentee husband, or the more overt advances of his new, young farmhand? Or is Helmer too damaged to sustain human connection, instead retreating into isolation and bitterness? Based on Gerbrand Bakker's beloved bestseller, It's All So Quiet delivers a spare but hopeful story of self-denial and personal growth. Dutch art-house veteran Nanouk Leopold's patient camera captures the richness and desolation of the countryside to create a subtle portrait of rural loneliness in a minimalist tour-de-force that's not to be missed.

Director Biography
Nanouk Leopold is an established figure in Dutch art house cinema whose films have graced prestigious European festival screens for over a decade. She is a two-time winner of the Dutch Film Festival’s Golden Calf for Brownian Movement and Guernsey, and her debut feature Îles flottantes was nominated for the Rotterdam International Film Festival’s Tiger Award.

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Director: Nanouk Leopold
Principal Cast: Jeroen Willems, Henri Garcin, Wim Opbrouck, Martijn Lakemeier
Country: Netherlands, Germany
Year: 2013
Running Time: 94 minutes
Producer: Stienette Bosklopper, Els Vandevorst
Screenplay: Gerbrand Bakker
Cinematographers: Frank van den Eeden
Editors: Katharina Wartena
Music: Paul M. van Brugge
Filmography: Brownian Movement (2010); Wolfsbergen (2007); Guernsey (2005); Îles Flottantes (2001)
Language: Dutch
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
International Sales: Films Distribution
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