La Playa D.C.

Colombia | 2012 | 90 minutes | Juan Andrés Arango

13-year-old Tomas and his brothers are kicked out into the tough streets of Bogotá, where Tomas survives and finds his way as a barber, creating elaborate, hip hairstyles called “tropas.”

June 2, 2013
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June 3, 2013
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When their father is killed in the seaside town of Buenaventura, three teenage Afro- Colombian brothers flee the civil war and land in the capital of Bogotá. Their mother's new boyfriend promptly kicks them out and they must fend for themselves. The sounds of local hip-hop fill the streets, where the brothers roam. Chaco dreams of going to the U.S., while his brother Jairo falls into crack addiction and debt. 13-year-old Tomas tries his hand at cleaning hubcaps, and eventually finds a place for his creative talent working as an apprentice in a barbershop. There, Tomas learns to create "tropas," the elaborate and fanciful hair designs popular with young Afro-Colombian men. With a probing, hand-held camera, and an instinctive feel for the throbbing pulse of his native Bogotá, debut director Juan Andrés Arango brings his highly topical narrative to life with a commitment to social realism. The story is ultimately a hopeful one, eschewing sentimentality but affirming the possibility for youths like Tomas to find their way on the tough streets of Bogotá rather than emigrating or escaping into crime and drug addiction.

Director Biography
Juan Andrés Arango studied film at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and specialized in photography at the ESCAC in Barcelona. His short film Comment apprendre à dire bonjour en 10 étapes won the Audience Award at the Lausanne Short Film Festival. La Playa D.C. is his first feature film.

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Director: Juan Andrés Arango
Principal Cast: Luis Carlos Guevara, Andrés Murillo, James Solís, Einer Cortes, Hamilton Quinones
Country: Colombia, Brazil, France
Year: 2012
Running Time: 90 minutes
Producer: Diana Bustamante, Jorge Andrés Botero
Screenplay: Juan Andrés Arango
Cinematographers: Nicolás Canniccioni
Editors: Felipe Guerrero
Music: Erick Bongcam, Jacobo Vélez, María Mulata, Socavón Timbiquí, Diocelino Rodriguez, Flaco Flow & Melan
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: Spanish
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: HDCAM
US Distributor: Artmattan Productions
International Sales: Doc & Film International
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