Ethiopia | 2013 | 19 minutes | Zelalem Woldemariam

A talented Ethiopian drummer encounters a deaf woman who opens his eyes to a new world.

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The Kampala Story

Apio, a 14-year-old Karamojong girl, and her mother run their household on money wired from her father who works in the capital of Uganda. When the money transfers stop, Apio must travel alone to the big city in search of her father. North American Premiere

Director: Zelalem Woldemariam
Principal Cast: Mulugeta Geresu, Sayat Demissie
Country: Ethiopia
Year: 2013
Running Time: 19 minutes
Screenplay: Zelalem Woldemariam
Cinematographers: Owen Levelle
Editors: Adam Saewitz
Music: Jean-Paul Wall
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