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A Little More

Un Peu Plus

Proud Madame Rousseau embarks on an epic journey to eat cakes with sweet abandon. But life has some bittersweet lessons to teach her.

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From the daughter of legendary French auteur Louis Malle, this debut weaves an autobiographical account of her father succumbing to a fatal disease just as she is finding love at the age of 20.

Director: Conor Ferguson
Principal Cast: Bulle Ogier, Diane Montcharmont, Stephanie Lanier, Armelle Berengier
Country: Ireland
Year: 2012
Running Time: 7 minutes
Producer: Ailish Bracken
Screenplay: Conor Ferguson
Cinematographers: Matthieu David Cournot
Editors: Juniper Calder
Music: Steven Lynch
Language: French
Subtitles: Yes
Format: Digital
International Sales: Bl!nder Films
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