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Actors Andy Garcia & Vera Farmiga, director Adam Rodgers, co-writer Glenn German, and producer Sig Libowitz scheduled to attend | May 17 & May 19

USA | 2013 | 99 minutes | Adam Rodgers

Two wildly different parents meet and fall in love while taking their kids on a college tour, proving it's not only teenagers who find themselves when they go off to college.

May 17, 2013
xHarvard Exit  
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May 19, 2013
SIFF Cinema Egyptian  
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It's not only teenagers who find themselves when they go off to college. Disillusioned Edith (Vera Farmiga) meets stick-in-the-mud George (Andy Garcia) while they are taking their children to visit the campus of prestigious Middleton College. Edith's daughter Audrey (played by Vera's real-life sister Taissa Farmiga) is aggravated by her mom's jokes. George's son Conrad (Spencer Lofranco) would rather be somewhere else. Annoyed with their kids, Edith and George end up abandoning the official tour to explore the campus on their own. During the course of the day, they get to know each other and rediscover their inner children, embracing the sunshine and a moment in time where they are freed from their normal lives. This charming romantic comedy takes turns between silly and serious but never veers into the territory of gross out humor. The cast includes a curmudgeonly professor played by Tom Skerritt and a welcome turn by Peter Riegert as a campus deejay. As infectious music accompanies the impressive architecture filmed on campuses around Washington State, the joy of this film will linger long after the credits roll.

Director Biography
In 2009, Adam Rodgers directed the short film The Response,which was short-listed for the Academy Award and is based on the transcripts of the Guantanamo Bay military tribunals. Middleton is his first feature-length film.

Sponsored in part by 4Culture, National Endowment for the Arts, Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, KCTS 9 Reel NW, Shoreline Community College

Director: Adam Rodgers
Principal Cast: Vera Farmiga, Andy Garcia, Taissa Farmiga, Spencer Lofranco,Tom Skerritt, Peter Riegert
Premier Status: World
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 99 minutes
Producer: Glenn German, Sig Libowitz, Andy Garcia
Screenplay: Adam Rodgers, Glenn German
Cinematographers: Emmanuel Kadosh
Editors: Suzy Elmiger
Music: Arturo Sandoval
Website: http://www.filmbridgeinternational.com/movie-middleton.htm
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: English
Format: DCP
US Distributor: Anchor Bay Films
International Sales: Film Bridge International
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