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Mutual Friends

Director Matthew Watts, actors Michael Chernus, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Jennifer Lafleur, Ross Partridge and Michael Stahl-David scheduled to attend | May 31 & June 1

USA | 2013 | 85 minutes | Matthew Watts

Mutual Friends follows the romantic entanglements of young New Yorkers in love as complications ensue at a surprise party over fancy cocktails, individual bags of chips, and an unusual cake.

May 31, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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June 1, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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When you’ve found someone, how do you know it’s the right someone? This film about young New Yorkers in love follows several storylines of mutual friends as they try to find the answer to that question. Liv (Caitlin Fitzgerald) is engaged to Christoph (Cheyenne Jackson) while being pursued by Nate (Peter Scanavino), her best friend and one-time lover. Liv plans a surprise party for Christoph that brings many of the main couples together and into conflict over fancy cocktails, individual bags of chips, and a cake that wasn’t really what the hostess ordered. The movie depicts new romance, married love, and stories of infidelity, all while showing director Matthew Watts’s obvious appreciation for New York City in both settings and storylines. Quirky characters add to the mix and remind us that no matter how odd, there is indeed someone for everyone. There is a lot of laughter to be found in the pursuit of romantic happiness, and ultimately Mutual Friends comes to the conclusion that love isn’t as complicated as we think it is.

Director Biography
Mutual Friends is Matthew Watts’s first feature-length film. His previous short films include 2010’s Christopher Dispossessed and 2007’s It's All About Ugliness.

Sponsored in part by Ingeniux, ShadowCatcher Entertainment

Director: Matthew Watts
Principal Cast: Michael Chernus, Christina Cole, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Cheyenne Jackson, Ross Partridge, Peter Scanavino, Michael Stahl-David
Premier Status: World
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 85 minutes
Producer: Jennifer Westin
Screenplay: Amy Higgins, Matthew Watts, Frank Angones, Jessica Sue Burstein, Craig Difolco, Ross Partridge
Cinematographers: Ming Kai Leung
Editors: Jeff Gilbert
Music: Justin Rice
Website: http://www.mutualfriendsmovie.com
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: English
Format: HDCAM
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