My Right Eye (The Apple of my Eye)


Live Action Short Film: Grand Jury Prize

Spain | 2012 | 13 minutes | Josecho de Linares

On the last day of summer, Zurdo makes one last visit to his grandmother with the intuition that he may never see her again.

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Lovers' secret codes, a wondrously surreal recital, and a haunted Brooklyn apartment—come discover the accomplished and eclectic range of work found in Spanish short cinema today.

Director: Josecho de Linares
Principal Cast: Albert Prat, Pepita Roca, Oscar Lara, Margarita Calatayud, Noemi Ruiz, Carmen Flores
Country: Spain
Year: 2012
Running Time: 13 minutes
Producer: Escandalo Films
Screenplay: Josecho de Linares
Cinematographers: J. Ivan Romero
Editors: Bernat Udina
Music: I Capillas, G. Masnis, G. Fedekii
Language: Spanish
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: Digital
International Sales: Promofest
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