Net Worth

USA | 2013 | 10 minutes | Lane Stroud

Four local businesswomen and former season ticket holders joined forces and became a model of independent ownership in the WNBA on and off the court. As two time national champions, they are the winningest team in Seattle history. This is a story of investment, endurance and leadership—a community that saved itself.

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Eyes Wide Open

Seven short films about what obsession, desperation, and money can make us do.

Director: Lane Stroud
Principal Cast: Lauren Jackson
Premier Status: World Premiere
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 10 minutes
Producer: Gina Mortimer, Lane Stroud, Serena Maurer
Cinematographers: Moira Morel, Lulu Gargiulo
Editors: Matthew Lange, Lane Stroud
Music: Adam Barber
Language: English
Format: Digital
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