On His Own Two Feet

Russia | 2012 | 33 | Natasha Shaginian-Needham, Vailiy Arkanov

Born without legs and abandoned in an orphanage, Sasha Shulchey's life looked bleak, until he met Natasha Shaginian-Needham, founder of Happy Families International Center, changing both their lives forever. 

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Ripped From the Headlines

Iraqi vet adrenaline junkies, a Hollywood icon’s passionate crusade, and a Russian orphan’s remarkable rebirth—discover the whole story behind the headlines.

Director: Natasha Shaginian-Needham, Vailiy Arkanov
Principal Cast: Featuring: Sasha Shulchev D’Jamoos
Country: Russia, USA
Year: 2012
Running Time: 33
Producer: Natasha Shaginian-Needham
Cinematographers: Alexander Karduff
Editors: Dmitriy Khavin
Language: Russian, English
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: Digital
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