Perfect Drug

Belgium | 2012 | 14 minutes | Toon Aerts

After a botched burglary, Yumiko tries to calm down the local crime boss while Misha enjoys a drop from the glowing green test tubes.

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Nightmare Mystery Theatre

Sex, drugs, a kidnapping gone horribly wrong, and other nightmares that will make you wake up screaming in this shorts program.

Director: Toon Aerts
Principal Cast: Misha Downey, Yumiko Funaya, Chinatsu Takahashi, Philippe Genion, Begir Memeti, Masayuki Oshiro
Premier Status: North American Premiere
Country: Belgium
Year: 2012
Running Time: 14 minutes
Producer: Eurydice Gysel
Screenplay: Toon Aerts
Cinematographers: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Editors: Martin Leroy
Language: Japanese, Albanian
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: Digital
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