The Quiet Girl's Guide to Violence

USA | 2012 | 15 minutes | Rafael Antonio Ruiz

Holly, a victim of childhood bullying, decides she will no longer suffer silently.

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Nightmare Mystery Theatre

Sex, drugs, a kidnapping gone horribly wrong, and other nightmares that will make you wake up screaming in this shorts program.

Director: Rafael Antonio Ruiz
Principal Cast: Jennymarie Jemison, Jefferey Mills, Kelli Bland, Johnny Walter, Chaille Stidham
Country: USA
Year: 2012
Running Time: 15 minutes
Producer: Jennymarie Jemison, Christopher Shea
Screenplay: Rafael Antonio Ruiz, Jennymarie Jemison, T. Lynn Mikeska
Cinematographers: Tony Leal
Editors: Tag Simler, Tony Leal
Music: Pete Seibert
Language: English
Format: HDCAM
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