Ripples of Desire

Hua Yang

Taiwan | 2012 | 112 minutes | Zero Chou

Set in 17th-century Taiwan, rife with pirates, courtesans, and star-crossed lovers, the beautiful and talented ladies of the Floating Island hide a gruesome secret, in this big-budget period drama.

June 6, 2013
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June 9, 2013
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In the South Sea of the Ming Dynasty, rife with pirates, courtesans, and star-crossed lovers, Drift Island is a thriving community where protection comes in the form of the rugged trader Master Hai and his loyal crew. Except it seems that nothing can help visitors from dropping their guard in Madame Moon's Flower House. Twin sisters White Snow and White Frost are the star courtesans who mesmerize regulars and newcomers alike with their beauty and musical talent. Yet behind their smiling faces they hide a gruesome secret that sets off a fatal gamble to uncover the truth of human nature. Starring pop idols Jerry Yen and Michelle Chen, and set in 17th-century Taiwan, Ripples of Desire is one of the biggest budget period Taiwanese films ever. Taking a break from her award-winning LGBT films, director Zero Chou has created a big-screen blockbuster with cinematic ambition that remains unequivocally Taiwanese.

Director Biography
Zero Chou started her career as a journalist and has won numerous awards for her films exploring the Taiwan LGBT community. Her recent works include Drifting Flowers, Splendid Float, and Spider Lilies (SIFF, 2007), winner of the Teddy Award at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival.

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Director: Zero Chou
Principal Cast: Michelle Chen, Ivy Chen, Jerry Yen, Simon Yam, Joseph Cheng
Premier Status: North America
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2012
Running Time: 112 minutes
Producer: Wang Mimi
Screenplay: Zero Chou
Cinematographers: Liu Hoho
Editors: Chen Powen
Music: Chen Ming-Zhang
Filmography: Drifting Flowers (2008); Spider Lilies (2007); Vision of Darkness (2005); Splendid Float (2004); Timewalker (2003); Floating Islands-Before the Radiation (2000)
Language: Mandarin
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
International Sales: Serenity Entertainment International
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