Tiwilit Flowers

Les Fleurs de Tiwilit

Tunisia | 2012 | 13 minutes | Wassim Korbi

A beautifully-shot journey across the North African waterfront celebrates a way of life.

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Die Welt

A stunning fiction/documentary hybrid set in the vacuum between dictatorship and democracy. While Tunisians dreams of a better Tunisia, 23-year-old DVD salesman Abdallah dreams of a better life in Europe.

Director: Wassim Korbi
Principal Cast: Salem Dendou, Aicha Hachem, Hichem Ichtou
Country: Tunisia
Year: 2012
Running Time: 13 minutes
Producer: Wassim Korbi
Screenplay: Whid Eddin Nour, Wassim Korbi
Cinematographers: Awadh Hamzeni
Editors: Raouf Besghaier
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