What's Your Mood?

What sort of film do I feel like seeing?

We've made it easy to find the cinematic experience you're hoping for. Instead of traditional categories, which require a bit of work to figure out, we've organized the Festival films by the following Moods:


Indieca Artisticada

Creative Streak

The exploration of artistic endeavors from all disciplines: literature, film, art, dance, and performance.
Indieca Artisticada           Browse the Films


Filmeda Orchestradus

Face the Music

Films that intersect the world of music on all fronts: from biopics and concert films, to musicals and live events.
Filmeda Orchestradus           Browse the Films


Softfocusae Loveydovey


Romance and love in all its forms, pleasures, and idiosyncrasies.
Softfocusae Loveydovey           Browse the Films


Cinema LOLmaximus

Make Me Laugh!

Films that make you chuckle and tickle your funny bone.
Cinema LOLmaximus           Browse the Films


Open My Eyes

Revealing films and documentaries revolving around history, politics, and contemporary events from around the world.
Cinema Factorius           Browse the Films


Boxoffocis Adrelineus

Provoke Me!

Mesmerizing dramas and documentaries that explore thought-provoking questions, realities, and topics.
Boxoffocis Adrelineus           Browse the Films


Silverscreenus Robotica

Sci-Fi and Fact

Science, technology, environment, the future-and beyond!
Silverscreenus Robotica           Browse the Films


Show Me the World!

Prepare to be taken to another place-from exotic, far-off lands to vibrant experiences outside of everyday life.
Silverscreenus Earthacus           Browse the Films


Thrill Me!

Suspense, thrills, and action. Films with a faster pace that might also surprise you when you least expect it!
Boxofficus Adrenalineus           Browse the Films


Moviedia Extremeda

To the Extreme

Explore the outer limits with films that go beyond the edge.
Moviedia Extremeda           Browse the Films