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When I Saw You

Lamma Shoftak

Palestine | 2012 | 93 minutes | Annemarie Jacir

This charming and compassionate film follows an intrepid Palestinian child's adventures in the wake of the Six Day War, as he stumbles through the woods and into a secret volunteer military training site.

June 2, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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June 4, 2013
xHarvard Exit  
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Set in the summer of 1967, When I Saw You begins when Israeli forces seize control of the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and east Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria. Thousands of Palestinians pour into Jordan, and some families are separated by the chaos of war. Among them are 11-year-old Tarek and his mother, Ghaydaa, who wind up in the Harir refugee camp. Unable to adjust to life in the camp, Tarek, an independent and intrepid child, sets out in search of his missing father. On his way, he discovers a clandestine site in the Dibeen Forest, where volunteers from the refugee camps receive military training in order to become freedom fighters and liberate their lands. Adopted as a pint-sized comrade-in-arms, Tarek finds a new sense of belonging in a community bound together by longing, hope, and determination. Written and directed by Annemarie Jacir, Palestine's first female director.

Director Biography
Annemarie Jacir is an independent filmmaker and screen- writer living in Jordan. Named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 New Faces of Independent Cinema,” two of her short films have premiered as Official Selections at the Cannes Film Festival, one as an Academy Award® qualifier. Her debut, Salt of the Sea, was Palestine’s Official Oscar® Entry for Best Foreign Language Film and was also noted as the first feature film directed by a Palestinian woman.

Director: Annemarie Jacir
Principal Cast: Mahmoud Asfa, Ruba Blal, Saleh Bakri, Ali Elayan, Firas Taybeh
Country: Palestine, Jordan, United Arab Emirates
Year: 2012
Running Time: 93 minutes
Producer: Ossama Bawardi
Screenplay: Annemarie Jacir
Cinematographers: Helene Louvart
Editors: Annemarie Jacir, Panos Voutsaras
Music: Kamran Rastegar
Website: http://www.whenisawyou.com
Awards: Official Oscar Submission 2012 (Foreign Language Film); Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012 (Best Arab Film); Berlin International Film Festival 2013 (Netpac Award)
Filmography: Salt of This Sea (2008)
Language: Arabic
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
International Sales: The Match Factory
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