Egypt | 2013 | 6 minutes | Omar A. Rashed

BEST OF NFFTY - A look into the mind of Yusuf, a poor child living in a third world country but dreaming of a better life.

This film is playing as a part of...

FutureWave Shorts and Best of NFFTY

SIFF is proud to present FutureWave Shorts 2013, a program of new films created by filmmakers younger than 19 years old who talents celebrate the creative possibilities of the art form. This year we are also showcasing a selection of the best films from the National Film Festival for Talented Youth.

NFFTY is the largest youth film festival in the world, screening hundreds of films by new directors ages 22 and under. Learn more at: http://www.nffty.org

Director: Omar A. Rashed
Country: Egypt
Year: 2013
Running Time: 6 minutes