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Trace Amounts

USA | 2014 | 96 minutes | Eric Gladen, Shiloh Levine

When director Eric Gladen recovered from a devastating sickness, he quit his job and traveled the country in an RV seeking information to confirm--or disprove--the links between childhood vaccinations and autism, and the role mercury plays.

May 23, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Directors Eric Gladen and Shiloh Levine scheduled to attend

May 25, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Directors Eric Gladen and Shiloh Levine scheduled to attend

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After recovering from a mysterious and devastating illness, director Eric Gladen started researching the science behind autoimmune diseases. His research led him straight into one of the biggest medical controversies of all time: whether or not childhood vaccines cause autism. However—his film is not an anti-vaccine film. He doesn’t concentrate on the vaccines themselves but on something that belongs nowhere near them; on mercury, part of the ingredients used as a preservative in vaccines. Eventually, Eric decided to quit his career, moving into an RV and traveling the country for years in order to interview experts and piece together thousands of studies and leaked documents. When the puzzle was finally complete, the answer was very clear to him. He believes that mercury is the trigger for psychological and neurological autoimmune conditions and autism. His film presents interviews with specialists in the field, as well as specific scientific research and experiments that show how dangerous mercury is. At the very least, his documentary creates a platform for open dialogue for all aspects of this issue, for or against, in hopes of enlightening the public.

Director Biography

Trace Amounts is the first film by director Eric Gladen. After years of battling illness, Eric Gladen decided to leave the life he knew behind and focus his efforts on researching autism. After more than a decade of analysis, interviews, and traveling, Eric is releasing a film that has not only affected his own life, but the lives of many others in our world today. Eric lives in California and currently manages the World Mercury Project, a non-profit organization which he founded. Shiloh Levine studied film production and theory at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her earlier works are mainly experimental and documentary shorts. Since her arrival to Los Angeles, she has worked on several comedic films including Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and Balls to the Wall; she has produced written and anchored for OTV and is currently focused on projects that inspire positive change.

Director: Eric Gladen, Shiloh Levine
Country: USA
Year: 2014
Running Time: 96 minutes
Producer: Eric Gladen, Shiloh Levine
Screenplay: Eric Gladen
Cinematographers: Brad Woodville
Editors: Mike Foster
Music: Lee Wall
Website: Official Film Website
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: English
Format: DCP
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