Vis à Vis

USA | 2013 | 25 minutes | Abigail Child

A testament to 16mm black and white celluloid and differing sexualities, seductions and (d)alliances.

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Pierrot Lunaire

Queercore provocateur Bruce LaBruce smashes Arnold Schoenberg’s titular melodrama—a cycle of 21 poems in a female narration—with Expressionistic visuals of a trans man lost in a world of symbolic fantasies and desires. Screens with Abigail Child’s Vis à Vis (USA 2013, 25 min).

Director: Abigail Child
Principal Cast: Carla List, Ela Troyano, Gail Vachon, George-Thérèse Dickinson, Jon Rubin, Pooh Kaye, Sally Silvers
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 25 minutes
Producer: Abigail Child
Cinematographers: Abigail Child
Editors: Abigail Child
Music: Andrea Parkins
Website: Official Film Website
Language: No Dialogue
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