The Primary Instinct

USA | 2015 | 73 minutes | David Chen

Sprouting from the popular podcast and stage show, “The Tobolowsky Files,” The Primary Instinct takes Stephen Tobolowsky’s storytelling to the big screen, featuring the character actor humorously discussing life, love, and his film and TV career. World Premiere. Director David Chen and subject Stephen Tobolowsky scheduled to attend.

May 29, 2015
SIFF Cinema Egyptian  
9:45 PM Date has passed

Director David Chen, subject Stephen Tobolowsky scheduled to attend

May 30, 2015
SIFF Cinema Egyptian  
12:00 PM Date has passed

Director David Chen, subject Stephen Tobolowsky scheduled to attend

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Spaceballs. "Glee." Groundhog Day. Thelma & Louise. "Deadwood" and "Californication." Having been in over 200 movies and television shows, Stephen Tobolowsky is a prolific character actor, and an absolutely fantastic storyteller. Several years ago, director and writer at “/Film,” David Chen, developed a narrative podcast with Tobolowsky aptly titled “The Tobolowsky Files,” where the actor humorously discusses life, love, and his film and TV career. The response was immediate and positive, Tobolowsky’s colloquial and engaging mannerisms felt like an old friend coming over for dinner and drinks. They then took the project to the stage, performing one-man shows in different theaters, featuring Tobolowsky, a chair, a bottle of water, an empty stage, and a full house. The Primary Instinct is the next step in Chen and Tobolowsky’s storytelling journey, selectively mixing clips from his films with recordings of live shows shot in Seattle to create a compelling and profound look at the human experience.

Director Biography
David Chen is a Microsoft employee who also writes on a multitude of pop culture themes, some of which can be found on his personal website, He hosts and produces /Film’s podcast, “The/Filmcast”, as well as the popular podcast “The Tobolowsky Files”, from which The Primary Instinct is based on.

Sponsored by 4Culture, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, Washington State Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, CityArts

Director: David Chen
Principal Cast: Stephen Tobolowsky
Premier Status: World Premiere
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Running Time: 73 minutes
Producer: Michael Gaston, Blaine Ludy, Jason Hakala, Matt Swanson
Screenplay: Stephen Tobolowsky
Cinematographers: Jason Hakala
Editors: Jason Hakala, Blaine Ludy
Website: Official Film Website
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: English
Format: DCP
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