USA | 2015 | 8 minutes | Yangzi She

Durian was born with facial expressions opposite of everyone else’s, which becomes increasingly challenging as this little boy grows into a young adult.

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Coming of Age

There is always a point in life when you choose a path to follow.

Director Biography
Yangzi was born and raised in Beijing, China and moved to Los Angeles to study animation at UCLA in 2011. Now she works as an freelance storyboard artist in Beijing.

Director: Yangzi She
Principal Cast: Reid Miller, Eric Saleh, Rebecca Davis
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Running Time: 8 minutes
Producer: Yangzi She
Screenplay: Yangzi She
Cinematographers: Yangzi She
Editors: Yangzi She
Music: Jennifer Dirkes
Awards: Beijing Film Academy Animation Academy Awards 2015 (Special Jury Award), Ivy Film Festival 2015 (Best Graduate Film), ASIFA-East Animation Festival 2015 (Women in Animation Award), UCLA School Theater, Film and Television 2015 (Spotlight Award), Student Filmmaker Awards 2015 (Best Animated Film)
Language: English
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