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USA | 2016 | 101 minutes | Clay Liford

Sexually questioning high-school freshman Neil (Michael Johnston, "Teen Wolf") discovers a new creative outlet when his new friend Julia (Hannah Marks, "Awkward.") takes him down the rabbit hole of online erotic fan fiction.

May 20, 2016
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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May 21, 2016
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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June 12, 2016
AMC Pacific Place 11  
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Neil (Michael Johnston, "Teen Wolf"), a high-school freshman in small-town Texas, has no idea where he lands on the sexuality spectrum, but at least he has an outlet: He covertly writes erotic stories, having imaginatively turned a famous science-fiction franchise icon into a polysexual adventurer. Upon discovering his secret, all his fellow classmates further ostracize the shy teen—all but Julia (Hannah Marks, "Awkward."), who, impressed with his imagination, becomes Neil's mentor and introduces him to the online world of slash—erotic fan fiction between preexisting characters, usually of the same sex—and leads him to an adults-only website called the Rabbit's Hole. As the two teens' worlds (real and imagined) change with their evolving identities, and Neil contends with the sexual advances of the Rabbit's Hole's editor (Michael Ian Black, Wet Hot American Summer), they prepare for an upcoming convention in Houston, a place where they will be sure to find acceptance. Slash's power is in its love for its characters, keeping the narrative grounded and empathetic in its portrayal of erotic fantasies and sexual anxieties and respecting the internet subculture it represents.

Director Biography
Clay Liford has written and directed three features, including Wuss (SXSW 2011, AFI 2011 Audience Award Winner) and Earthling (SXSW 2010). His comedy short My Mom Smokes Weed has played over 40 festivals, including the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Sponsored by The Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle Met

Director: Clay Liford
Principal Cast: Michael Johnston, Hannah Marks, Michael Ian Black, Missi Pyle, Jessie Ennis
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Running Time: 101 minutes
Producer: Brock Williams, Jason Wehling
Screenplay: Clay Liford
Cinematographers: Ellie Ann Fenton
Editors: Bryan Poyser, David Fabelo
Music: Curtis Heath, Lauren Sanders
Website: Official Film Website
Filmography: Wuss (2011); Earthling (2010)
Language: English
Format: DCP
International Sales: XYZ Films
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