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A Walk on the Moon

USA | 1999 | 107 minutes | Tony Goldwyn

With an all-star cast including Diane Lane, Viggo Mortensen, Liev Schreiber, and Anna Paquin, director Tony Goldwyn's romantic drama takes place over the summer of 1969 against the backdrop of the impending moon landing and Woodstock.

June 12, 2016
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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It's summer for the Kantrowitzes of New York City, which means yet another retreat in the Catskills. But 1969 is no ordinary year, and as the convergence of several major events change the country forever, so too does it change this lower-middle-class Jewish family. Upon arriving at Dr. Folger's Bungalows, father Marty (Liev Schreiber, Spotlight) leaves almost immediately due to his responsibilities as a television repairman, a job in demand due to the impending Apollo 11 moon landing, leaving wife Pearl (Diane Lane, Unfaithful) and daughter Alison (Anna Paquin, "True Blood") to fend off boredom. Pearl had Alison as a teenager and has yet to experience life at its fullest, so when she meets free-spirted Walker (Viggo Mortensen, The Lord of the Rings), a traveling "blouse man" who lives out of a van, the two begin a heated affair. Meanwhile, Alison has just hit puberty, and as she navigates her newfound womanhood during the retreat, she is pulled into the orbit of a music festival mere miles away in Woodstock. From director Tony Goldwyn (President Grant on "Scandal"), A Walk on the Moon earned great praise in its 1999 debut due to its subtle period details and its tender treatment of two women finding themselves in a world in flux; it's one of the best American films about the 1960s made after the fact.

Director Biography
Tony Goldwyn has directed a number of episodes for TV shows such as "Scandal," "Dexter," "Justified," "Law & Order," and "Grey's Anatomy." He premiered his critically acclaimed debut feature film, A Walk on the Moon, at the Sundance Film Festival in 1999.

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Director: Tony Goldwyn
Principal Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Diane Lane, Anna Paquin, Liev Schreiber
Country: USA
Year: 1999
Running Time: 107 minutes
Producer: Jay Cohen
Screenplay: Pamela Gray
Cinematographers: Anthony B. Richmond
Editors: Dana Congdon
Music: Mason Daring
Website: Official Film Website
Filmography: Conviction (2010); Last Kiss (2006); Someone Like You... (2001)
Language: English
Format: 35mm
US Distributor: Park Circus
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