9/5/2013 | SIFF Cinema
By: Rachel Eggers | 206.315.0683 | rachel.eggers@siff.net

SEATTLE, WA - The 18th annual 1 Reel Film Festival is proud to announce this year's Jury Award winners for best narrative short and best animated short. This festival, curated by the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), brings in over 100 films from around the world for the three-day weekend of Bumbershoot, North America's largest urban arts festival. The 1 Reel Film Festival is known as one of the nation's most well attended short film festivals in the United States, drawing nearly 10,000 attendees each year.

The 2013 1 Reel Film Festival Jury Award winners will each be presented with a $500 cash prize.

Jury Statement: Though the stories are told in very different ways, both of these short films astutely capture the power of the imagination. Whether it is music pouring from your soul or an imaginary balloon keeping you aloft, the world that you can create inside of you is as powerful as any.

1 Reel Film Festival Jury Award Winners:

LOOT (Greg Rom; South Africa 2013)

On a day seemingly like any other, a stranger strolls into a bustling bank and armed with little more than a plan, seeks to get away with the contents of the vault. Taking place in a world just left of ours, LOOT is the surprising tale of an unusual bank robbery, one where the line between reality and imagination is blurred and few things are as they seem.


OUVERTURE (Bracey Smith, Neil Dvorak; USA 2013)
For one little girl in soviet controlled Bulgaria, potential manifests itself as music that pours from her heart. OUVERTURE follows the early life of this particularly peculiar little girl as she learns to overcome, accept, and harness her unusual gift.

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