6/5/2013 | Seattle International Film Festival
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SEATTLE (June 5, 2013) - The Seattle International Film Festival announced today that it will kick off the final week of its 39th Festival with a slate of African films from its inaugural African Pictures program. African Pictures Week will commence with the North American premiere of The Kampala Story and continue with a slate of films spanning across the African continent along with the filmmakers of their respective films.

"In this final week, we reach the peak of our exciting African Pictures program," said SIFF Programmer Dustin Kaspar. "Not only are over half of the films playing this week, but five of the filmmakers are expected to be in attendance for their screenings. The audience response for African Pictures has been outstanding, laying the foundation for African film presentations for years to come."

This year's African films feature a diverse lineup including Nollywood box-office smash Last Flight to Abuja, Dubai International Film Festival award winning documentary Comrade President, the US premiere of Horses of God, and the world premiere of Finding Hillywood.

In 2012, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded SIFF a multiyear grant for its African Pictures program, which aims to celebrate the diverse and burgeoning hotbed of filmmaking activity emerging across the continent of Africa. This grant gives SIFF an unparalleled opportunity as a major international film festival to showcase a substantive program of indigenous films from Africa along with films by African filmmakers working outside the continent.

The following films make up the complete 2013 Seattle International Film Festival African Pictures Week lineup:

Comrade President
North American Premiere | Dir Mosco Kamwendo | Zimbabwe | 2012 | 89 min
The life and suspicious death of Mozambique's revolutionary leader, Samora Moises Machel, is explored in this documentary, providing insight into the Mozambican fight for independence and subsequent political changes.
*Director Mosco Kamwendo scheduled to attend Festival screenings.

Die Welt
Dir Alex Pitstra | Netherlands/Tunisia/Qatar | 2012 | 80 min
A stunning fiction/documentary hybrid set in the vacuum between dictatorship and democracy. While Tunisians dreams of a better Tunisia, 23-year-old DVD salesman Abdallah dreams of a better life in Europe.

Fanie Fourie's Lobola
Dir Henk Pretorius | South Africa | 2013 | 90 min
After Fanie takes Dinky, a strong Zulu woman, to his Afrikaans family wedding, the two find an unexpectedly fun cross-cultural romance. But in order to marry Dinky, Fanie must negotiate to pay Lobola (a South African dowry).
*Director Henk Pretorius scheduled to attend Festival screenings.

Finding Hillywood
World Premiere | Dir Leah Warshawski, Chris Towey | Rwanda | 2013 | 57 min
Hillywood, the Rwandan film industry, is given the spotlight in this affectionate portrait featuring the filmmaking community, the blossoming film festival culture, and the joy of the people as they experience Rwandan cinema on the big screen.
*Directors Leah Warshawski and Chris Towey scheduled to attend Festival screenings.

Horses of God
US Premiere | Dir Nabil Ayouch | Morocco | 2012 | 115 min
In Horses of God,Nabil Ayouch crafts an intimate portrait of three young boys growing up on the outskirts of Casablanca. A huge success in its native Morocco and a major achievement by one of North Africa's most important filmmakers.
*Director Nabil Ayouch scheduled to attend Festival screenings.

The Kampala Story
North American Premiere | Dir Mugisha, Kaspar Bisgaard | Uganda | 2012 | 62 min
Apio, a 14-year-old Karamojong girl and her mother run their household on money wired from her father who works in the capital of Uganda. When the money transfers stop, Apio must travel alone to the big city in search of her father.
*Director Mugisha, Kaspar Bisgaard scheduled to attend Festival screenings.

Last Flight to Abuja
North American Premiere | Dir Obi Emelonye | Nigeria | 2012 | 78 min
An ill-fated flight provides the setting for this suspenseful multi-character pot-boiler filled with romance, blackmail, and murder in Obi Emelonye's Nollywood box-office smash.
*Director Obi Emelonye scheduled to attend Festival screenings.

Mother of George
Dir Andrew Dosunmu | USA | 2013 | 106 min
Traditions from the old world assert themselves in the new as a wife, recently emigrated from Nigeria, contemplates a drastic solution to her childless marriage.
*Director Andrew Dosunmu scheduled to attend Festival screenings.

Nishan (Medal of Honor)
North American Premiere | Yidnekachew Shumete Desalegn | Ethiopia | 2013 | 105 min
Nishan is a young businesswoman who dreams of leaving Ethiopia to seek her fortune abroad. When her father mortgages the house to sup- port her emigration, an unsigned document creates a disastrous domino effect in Desalegn's thrilling debut.

Spud 2: The Madness Continues
World Premiere | Director Donovan Marsh | South Africa | 2013 | 90 min
Spud is still marching slowly toward puberty as a sophomore at a South African boarding school. While he's no longer the youngest in school, that's not going to save him from the challenges of growing up. John Cleese returns in this spectacular sequel.

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