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Science on Screen Ongoing

A beloved film is paired with a notable expert in science, technology, or medicine. An initiative of The Coolidge Corner Theatre with major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Short Films, Big Ideas: The Science of Science Fiction

| 120 Minutes

June 16, 2013  
The Seattle Science Festival presents five favorites from Seattle's own Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival, introduced by a pair of scientists delving into the facts behind the sci-fi.

Future Weather

USA | 2012 | 100 minutes

March 11, 2013 
This multigenerational drama, winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival, compares the intricacies of climate change science with the equally complex dynamics between an anxious young girl and her caustic grandmother as they cope with the disappearance of the girl’s mother.


USA | 2009 | 158 Minutes

December 20, 2012 
To conclude our epic Apocalypse Film Festival, Neutrino Astrophysicist Jason Detwiler introduces Roland Emmerich's epic disaster film.


USA | 1997 | 89 Minutes

Newly restored DCP! Snakes don't eat people - at least not until this 1997 action/adventure crapsterpiece, back on the big screen with an enlightening introduction by a live reptile expert. 


USA | 1974 | 123 Minutes

A benchmark of the 70s disaster movie, Earthquake features Charlton Heston leading an all-star cast who are all caught in "the big one". With introduction by Washington State Seismologist, John Vidale, PhD.

Young Frankenstein

USA | 1974 | 106 Minutes

“Life! Do you hear me? Give my creation…life!" Mel Brooks' 1974 comedy masterpiece returns for a special Science on Screen presentation, introduced by UW Biology Professor Thomas Daniel.

Particle Fever

USA | 2013 | 99 Minutes

Introduction and Q&A with Anna Goussiou, University of Washington Physics Professor | Director Mark Levinson's Particle Fever gives audiences a front row seat to  the discovery of the long-predicted but elusive Higgs boson, aka "the God particle."