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The Maldives perform live to The Wind

USA | 1928 | 95 minutes | Victor Sjöström

Lillian Gish stars in one of MGM's last silent films. While on a visit to her cousin's ranch, Letty (Gish) is increasingly bothered by both the wind and three relentlessly aggressive suitors. New live score composed and performed by The Maldives.

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One of the last and greatest of the silent films produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, The Wind is an epic, poetic melodrama about man battling nature, starring Lillian Gish as a Southern belle trying to adapt to the harsh world of the Texas prairie. Innocent and naive Letty Mason (Gish) moves from her Virginia home to the west Texas town of Sweet Water to live on the hardscrabble ranch of her cousin Beverly (Edward Earle) and his jealous wife Cora (Dorothy Cumming). Realizing that she will be considered a threat to Cora unless she is married, Letty reluctantly agrees to wed Lige Hightower (Lars Hanson) from a nearby ranch. Despite her betrothed status, she is still pursued by an aggressive suitor, Wirt Roddy (Montagu Love), which leads to tragic consequences. Throughout the film, director Victor Sjöström, considered the father of Swedish filmmaking, turns the relentless prairie wind into a supernatural force, driving Letty toward madness and exposing the malevolence behind each character's actions. Shooting some scenes on location in the Mojave Desert, Sjöström and Gish worked closely on this 1928 adaptation of the novel of the same name by Dorothy Scarborough. With dreamlike, psychological imagery and groundbreaking naturalistic performances, The Wind represents Gish and Sjöström at the pinnacle of their storied careers, just before the arrival of talking pictures. Live score composed and performed by The Maldives.

Director Biography
Victor Sjöström, the indisputable father of the Swedish cinema, was a pioneer of capturing psychological subtlety and naturalistic symbolism on film, greatly influencing later auteurs such as Ingmar Bergman. Once a stage actor, Sjöström directed some of Sweden’s greatest silent films, such as Ingeberg holm (1913) and The Phantom Carriage (1920). Later, he made a brief jump to Hollywood to work on MGM silents, most notably He Who Gets Slapped (1924) and his two collaborations with actress Lillian Gish, Teh Scarlet Letter (1926) and The Wind (1928).

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Director: Victor Sjöström
Principal Cast: Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson, Montagu Love, Edward Earle, Dorothy Cumming
Country: USA
Year: 1928
Running Time: 95 minutes
Producer: Kevin Brownlow, David Gill
Screenplay: Frances Marion, Dorothy Scarborough
Cinematographers: John Arnold
Editors: Conrad A. Nervig
Filmography: Under the Red Robe(1937); The Masks of the Devil (1928); The Scarlet Letter (1926); The Phantom Carriage (1921); You and I (1918)
Format: DVD
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