Poland | 2014 | 94 minutes | Michal Otlowski

Policewoman Iza Deren investigates a crime that connects two missing policemen, a young woman’s corpse, and a bootlegger. She uncovers a decades-long conspiracy that involves her more intimately than she could imagine. North American Premiere

Friday, May 15, 2015

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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A dark and rewarding crime thriller that displays its influences without mindlessly imitating them, Waterline stands out as both an impressive feature debut for writer-director Michal Otlowski and a fine showcase for its star. Right on the cusp of taking leave to give birth to twins, policewoman Iza Deren (Jowita Budnik) enters the woods to help the search for two fellow officers gone missing, one of whom is Iza’s fiancé and father of her unborn children. Her hunt produces nothing but a shootout with a bootlegging hermit who escapes in the surrounding swamp, but the discovery nearby of a young woman’s corpse, laid out in a canoe in her underwear, brings a new urgency to tracking down the fugitive. Partnered with Marzec (Sebastian Fabijalski), a young cop not nearly so helpless as her first impressions suggest, Iza pieces together a crime whose roots stretch to the town’s most powerful forces, and back decades; a crime, it emerges, she is involved with more intimately than she could possibly imagine. Budnik’s measured anxiety, aware that grief’s the likeliest outcome but withholding it till she gets the job done, anchors the film’s mounting revelations to a soulful, human core.

Director Biography
Michal Otlowski is an independent writer, director and producer. He graduated from the acclaimed Polish National Film School in Lodz (Directing Department) and Andrzej Wajda Film School (Creative Producers Course). His previous work, the short film Ein Kleid Aus Warschau (2006), was written in collaboration with the award-winning German writer Esther Dischereit. Waterline is his feature debut.

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  • Original Language Title: Jeziorak
  • Director: Michal Otlowski
  • Principal Cast: Jowita Budnik, Sebastian Fabijanski, Mariusz Bonaszewski, Lukasz Simlat, Michal Zurawski
  • Premiere Status: North American Premiere
  • Country: Poland
  • Year: 2014
  • Running Time: 94 minutes
  • Producer: Wlodzimierz Niderhaus
  • Screenplay: Michal Otlowski
  • Cinematographers: Lukasz Gutt
  • Editors: Agnieszka Glinska
  • Music: Cezary Skubiszewski
  • Awards: Tofifest 2014 (Golden Angel, Festival Audience Award), Gdynia Film Festival 2014 (Best Acting Debut)
  • Filmography: Debut Feature Film
  • Language: Polish
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP