What is SIFFX?

SIFFX is a brand-new four-day festival within the Seattle International Film Festival showcasing the most current and creative thinking in virtual reality/VR, augmented reality/AR and 360°immersion. It will be held June 2-5 at Seattle Center. Building on SIFF's commitment to fostering cinematic arts and independent filmmaking, SIFFX will convene filmmakers, storytellers, activists, artists, creative technicians, and educators to explore contemporary forms of new media, exhibit new work, experiment with new tools, make connections and dig into the question: How can we shape the purpose, use, and language of an entirely new medium at this pivotal moment?


For four days you can experience SCREENINGS, FEATURED TALKS, EXHIBITIONS, VR/AR X-Periences, X-Academy and FLY STORY.

Come to one screening or to everything! Try virtual reality in a variety of forms: headsets, lay-back, walk, look all around and then learn about and discuss what all of this means for cinema, storytelling, auteur-smashing and the future of the medium. Join us!


From an 80-foot dome to the traditional flat screen, enjoy projected material above, below, and all around you, in every aspect ratio you can imagine. Experience non-fiction in 360º, animated VR, and a 1990's sci-fi film that anticipated VR. Featuring the unusual and experimental use of Pacific Science Center Laser Dome for projecting immersive documentary, music videos, and 360ºdance choreography. 


From developing virtual interfaces for fighter jets, to using gaming technology for immersive journalism, and pioneering 360º activist non-fiction, hear from the innovators who have created and continue to shape immersive experience.  


Explore local, national, and international VR / AR projects showcasing a range of new technologies and illustrating how artists are bending the tech to tell their own stories. Sit back and relax for a VR viewing experience featuring a GEAR VR headset, a swivel chair and programs from The New York Times, VRSE and RYOT. Check out the curated collection of VR at the X-Hub. For a 'walk-around' VR experience, view selections from the Wevr collection on HTC Vive and Oculus Story Studio on Oculus Rift.

**The VR / AR / 360º viewing sessions in the X-Gallery (Seattle Center Pavilion) and X-Hub (SIFF Film Center) are limited in availability. The sessions will be timed (generally 90 minutes) and tickets are required. Passholders get in free but must sign up for a time slot. View the schedule of offerings and register at and all SIFFX venues. 


Engage in panels and presentations with the national and local Virtual Reality vanguard as they explore current questions surrounding the advent of accessible VR technology-including VR 101, what this means for the future of cinema and linear storytelling, whether VR can make us "more human," and issues from the aesthetic to the ethical. Learn 360º workflow (cinematography, stitching and projection) with examples presented in 360º projection at the Pacific Science Center Laser Dome. Review the timeline of VR and immersive storytelling through the lens of previous historic collaborations between the tech and artworlds. 


Co-produced with Washington Filmworks, Fly Story brings members of the local creative community together to inspire and educate about the power of immersive storytelling. Participants will be tasked with responding to the festival inquiry about What is X, why now, and why it matters to Seattle, as they attend panels, meet with visiting artists and experiment with immersive media tools. On Sunday afternoon, Fly Story Makers will share what inspired them over the weekend and how they intend to incorporate these new modes of storytelling into their work. Significant time will also be spent exploring what we need to do as a city and state to become leaders in immersive technology content creation.


SIFFX will take place at locations around Seattle Center:
X-Hub (SIFF Film Center)X-Gallery (Seattle Center Pavilion)Nonny de la Peña Pavilion (Seattle Center Pavilion)The Dome (Pacific Science Center Dome)X-Makers Lab (Next 50 Pavilion)


-SIFFX passes and tickets are sold separately from general SIFF passes.

-SIFFX passes ($100) and individual tickets ($10) are on sale now.

-Passholders receive:·

• Admission to SIFFX Opening Night screening and party
• Admission to all regular SIFFX screenings
• Priority seating ahead of individual ticket holders
• Admission to X-Academy (panels, presentations, and workshops)
• Admission to X Gallery, X-Hub & Nonny de la Peña Retrospective  June 3 - June 5 (registration required)

* SIFFX Pass does not include access to SIFF screenings and events