Unraveled - The Future of Music with Virtual Reality and 360 Media


USA | Yao Wang

ICTUS's new release Unraveled is an ocean of repressed and unleashed emotions. It exists in an uncontrolled mental space, where your subconscious is fighting to see the light. Every single element of the composition is tailored to this feeling. The lead singer and writer of the lyrics, Sherry Li, sings at a steady tempo representing one's restrained and logical self. Underlying it, the surrounding choir's rubato chant tides us to the surface of our greatest fears and most heartfelt desires. With sensibility, the intimate whispers come and go, echoing the endless boundaries of our minds. They brush the different sides of our common bodies. There is no surprise that, when immersed in this unknown territory, we find ourselves unsealed. Vulnerable again. Muting our silences. As the song progresses, the duality slowly merges, forming complete and free identity, swaying in its newfound liberty.

  • Director: Yao Wang
  • Country: USA

This film is playing as a part of SIFF VR Zone

This year, SIFF is excited to debut a new Festival venue: The SIFF VR Zone at Pacific Place. Produced by Seattle's WonderTek Labs, the program showcases a tightly curated selection of immersive and interactive storytelling from Seattle and around the world. The diverse slate includes a 360 African Storytelling section with innovative pieces from Senegal and Kenya; Greenland Melting, a new work from "Godmother of VR" Nonny de la Peña and co-director Catherine Upin; breathtaking new experimental pieces from South Korea, China, and Australia; immersive 360 music videos from Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and The Posies, and compelling new works by Seattle-based VR developers and artists. A 360 Youth section will showcase Tapestry 360, a slate of new 360 films recently created by seven Seattle youth, alongside 360 films created by a group of Syrian youth living in a refugee camp in Jordan, produced by Al Jazeera and executive producer Zahra Rasool. Check out the full list of content below the screening times.

The SIFF VR Zone at Pacific Place will include both 360 Storytelling stations, presenting arthouse-level 360 video content and an Interactive Gallery featuring interactive experiential content in 8-10 individual booths.

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