2017 | 88 minutes

Get a taste of this year’s best and boldest batch of Spanish short films.

Friday, May 26, 2017

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SIFF Cinema Uptown

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Sponsored by Accion Cultural Española; Institut Ramon Llull; Catalan Films & TV

  • Year: 2017
  • Running Time: 88 minutes
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP

Packaged Films

7 Beds

Spain | 2016 | 13 minutes | Pedro Moreno del Oso

On the verge of infidelity, Eduardo experiences an unexpected setback.

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Dead Horses

Spain | 2016 | 6 minutes | Anna Solanas, Marc Riba

In an isolated, war-torn countryside, a child is forced to flee.

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Spain | 2016 | 9 minutes | Olga Osorio

Summer of 1982. Teo claims he has found a wormhole. His brother Oscar does not believe him... at least not at first.

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Spain | 2017 | 16 minutes | Alfonso Nogueroles

Eli, a young divorcee, spends the weekend at her mother’s house along with her teenaged half-sister.

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The Ogre

Spain | 2016 | 10 minutes | Jaime Dezcallar

Inside a tent made of old bed sheets a man remembers four crucial moments in his life: some monsters behave like men, and some men behave like monsters.

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Real Men Don't Cry

Spain | 2017 | 19 minutes | Lucas Castán

A father wants to share his passion for ice hockey son, but they must face some harsh realities.

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Spain | 2016 | 14 minutes | Susana Casares

With the fear of losing her friends looming over her, Silvia invites them to a sleepover, but it’s not quite what they had in mind.

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