Adventures in the Unknown

Adventures in the Unknown

2018 | 90 minutes

Seven short films that explore what happens when people step off of the traditional path and enter uncharted territory.

  • Year: 2018
  • Running Time: 90 minutes
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP

Packaged Films

Beyond Money

Spain | 2017 | 18 minutes | Kike Maíllo

In the future where people can sell and buy experiences from their memory, a woman has the life everyone wants.

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The Climb

USA | 2017 | 7 minutes | Michael Covino

Two friends decide for a weekened bike ride that turns out to be more than expected.

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Cross My Heart

Jamaica | 2017 | 14 minutes | Sontenish Myers

An American teen visits her family in Jamaica and uncovers a secret that changes her views of those she loves.

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Farewell Meu Amor

Tanzania | 2017 | 10 minutes | Ekwa Msangi

A man’s wife and son finally receive visas to come to the USA where emotional complications soon arise.

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Canada | 2018 | 16 minutes | Jérémy Comte

Two young boys play a game tricking each other, but the game soon goes too far.

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Germany | 2017 | 10 minutes | Pola Beck

When a department store security guard searches a mother’s stroller, he finds more than he could ever have imagined.

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Still Water Runs Deep

Nigeria | 2017 | 15 minutes | Abbesi Akhamie

A father must withstand his emotions and preserve his pride when his estranged son mysteriously disappears.

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