#Disruption #Inclusion: The Film Industry’s ‘New’ landscape after #MeToo #TimesUp

#Disruption #Inclusion: The Film Industry’s ‘New’ landscape after #MeToo #TimesUp

90 minutes

Women and men from varied industry backgrounds discuss the important ways our industry has changed during these social movements and highlight their vision for continued evolution toward gender equity.

Sponsored by Seattle University Film Studies

Moderator: Amy Nicholson, Variety

Panelists expected to include:
SJ Chiro, Director, Lane 1974
Craig Detweiler, President, Seattle School of Theology and Psychology
Lacey Leavitt, Producer, Sadie
Shelby Rachleff, Program Manager, Westridge Foundation

Saturday, June 9, 2018

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SIFF Film Center

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  • Running Time: 90 minutes