Episodic 2 - Connection : Available

Episodic 2 - Connection : Available

2019 | 87 minutes


This package of episodes explore the ways that we try to make connections in our increasingly disconnected world.

  • Year: 2019
  • Running Time: 87 minutes

Packaged Films

Asian American Studies

USA | 2018 | 7 minutes | Woody Fu

A hyper-paced sketch series examining the plight of yellow life in a white-filtered world.

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Battledream Chronicles: A New beginning

Martinique | 2018 | 24 minutes | Alain Bidard

A young black female slave struggles to bring down a machiavellian empire in a futuristic world where plantations are video games.

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CUDDLE: The Series

USA | 2019 | 8 minutes | John Helde

A quirky, young cuddle therapist sets out to change the world with the power of touch - but the hardest person to hug might just be herself.

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USA | 2018 | 10 minutes | Michael Schaubach

Morris has made a name for himself as the only rapper who exclusively creates ad-libs. He’s about to take it to the next level.

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One True Loves

USA | 2018 | 6 minutes | Olivia Accardo

Between her tweens and late-twenties, Lydia discovers what it means to fall in and out of true love eight times.

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Palomino & Swissy

USA | 2018 | 8 minutes | Julien Lasseur

Swissy’s trying to to steal a briefcase in a desert town. Palomino’s a mercenary with a complicated past. Trusting each other will be an issue.

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Rainbow Ruthie

USA | 2018 | 21 minutes | Ruthie Marantz

When a former public access celebrity discovers her old nemesis is now a popular social media star, she decides it’s time to take back the spotlight.

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Saving Face

USA | 2019 | 13 minutes | Jeannie Bolet

Unable to find her purpose, Ruby throws common sense to the wind, resulting in a series of detours and misfortunes.

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Short Term Rental

USA | 2019 | 7 minutes | Steve Figueiredo, Sean Patrick Kelly

After his marriage begins to crumble, John is left with a vacancy in his heart...and his apartment.

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When the Dogs are Gone

Denmark | 2018 | 8 minutes | Frederik Wolff Teglhus

Times are changing fast for Greenland sled dog population, and only a few thousand dogs are left. What will happen if the dogs disappear?

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