The Family Picture Show


2017 | 84 minutes

Bring the whole family to SIFF for a playful set of international animated and live action short films curated for the young and the young at heart.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

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SIFF Cinema Uptown

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  • Year: 2017
  • Running Time: 84 minutes
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP

Packaged Films


Spain | 2016 | 5 minutes | Adriana Uriguen Garcia

A father and son are inseparable until adolescence threatens their special bond.

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USA | 2016 | 5 minutes | Apollonia Thomaier

A young girl in the Bronx finds escape from an unhappy family life through her graffiti art.

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The Big Adventure of a Little Line

France | 2017 | 7 minutes | Antoine Robert

A small boy taking a walk picks up a little line he finds lying on the sidewalk. A little creativity and this line just might take him places.

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Dear Henri,

USA | 2017 | 13 minutes | Matthew Sandager

An imaginative young girl searches for ways to communicate with her grandfather after he's gone.

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Norway | 2016 | 11 minutes | Endre Skandfer

A trio of little monsters learn valuable lessons about friendship.

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USA | 2016 | 3 minutes | Andy Yanez

A young individual living on a small tropical island receives two crates from a distant land filled with clothes for boys and girls.

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A Hole

Mexico | 2016 | 5 minutes | Maribel Suárez

A little girl longs for a playmate in the garden. Her efforts go unnoticed—until they finally take root.

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Hoop Dreamin'

USA | 2016 | 6 minutes | Nick Brooks

Out of school on summer break, eight-year-old Tariq learns the powerful lesson about hard work and sacrifice.

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France | 2016 | 6 minutes | Janice Nadeau

Mamie’s life is turned upside down at the same time her granddaughter starts to question their bond.

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No-no Wants To Try a Sport

France | 2016 | 6 minutes | Mathieu Auvray

No-no must play a sport, but which one? He asks his friends for advice...

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Russia | 2016 | 4 minutes | Natalia Chernysheva

A relationship between a woman and a spider turns from hostility to friendship.

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Short Changed

USA | 2017 | 6 minutes | Barbara Mones

A devious figure invades the peaceful waters of a wishing fountain, intent on pilfering the coins within.

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You Look Scary

USA | 2016 | 4 minutes | Xiya Lan

A crocodile fears the procedure to remove his tooth but the dentist is just as afraid of the crocodile’s mouth.

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