Amid hundreds of possible films to see, we have curated the perfect starting point for new audiences to explore something that may seem familiar but has surprising depth or unique creativity.

FutureWave is the perfect way for high-school and college students to access the Festival. Many of the films are stories about youth told with a vitality and style that will be a stepping stone to exploring more extraordinary films across the Festival.

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Airship Serenity

USA | 2017 | 2 minutes | Alex Tanemura

Memories of adolescence captured and replayed on film.

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Atlas World

Canada | 2017 | 7 minutes | Morgana McKenzie

A malignant spirit forces a girl into a perilous journey through a watery underworld.

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Bad Influence

Chile | 2016 | 89 minutes | Claudia Huaiquimilla

Chilean director Claudia Huaiquimilla’s award-winning debut feature explores the unlikely, transformative friendship between two teens: a troubled petty criminal from Santiago and a shy outsider from the indigenous Mapuche community.

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Canada (Québec) | 2016 | 4 minutes | Karen Pinette Fontaine

Everyone faces battles on personal and social fronts.

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Diamond Island

France | 2016 | 101 minutes | Davy Chou

18-year-old Bora leaves his village in rural Cambodia to work on the construction sites of the chic, wealthy "Diamond Island," where he reunites with his older brother and is seduced by the vibrant nightlife scene until tragedy forces him to reconsider what truly matters.

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Family Shadows

USA | 2016 | 5 minutes | Laura Malatos

As a boy grows into a man, he watches his father lose his memory.

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USA | 2017 | 3 minutes | Sarah Fonville

A young kestrel earns its wings.

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FutureWave Shorts / Best of NFFTY

90 minutes

Experience the extraordinary talent and unique voices of the next generation of filmmakers. These international shorts from filmmakers 18 and under point the way to an exceptional cinematic tomorrow.

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Handsome Devil

Ireland | 2016 | 95 minutes | John Butler

Music-obsessed Irish teenager Ned is an outcast at his rugby-obsessed boarding school, understood only by an inspirational English teacher (Andrew Scott, “Sherlock”), at least until he becomes roommates with a star athlete, in this breezy coming-of-age underdog story.

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Heart of Gold

USA | 2016 | 11 minutes | Miles Andersen

Eighteen year-old Bella Anderson attempts to stay positive as she waits for an organ donation that could potentially save her life.

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Kills on Wheels

Hungary | 2016 | 105 minutes | Attila Till

Two young men with physical disabilities stumble into Budapest's underbelly of gangsters and gunfights after they become entangled with a contract killer who uses a wheelchair and seems to come straight out of a comic book in this inventive, action-packed coming-of-age fable.

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Make It Float

USA | 2016 | 6 minutes | Aden Suchak

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, young artist Taofeek Abijako’s cultural and family backgrounds influence the art that he produces and how he intends to leave his mark on the world.

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Patti Cake$

USA | 2017 | 108 minutes | Geremy Jasper

Winner of the Youth Jury Prize for Best FutureWave Feature

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USA | 2017 | 4 minutes | Leo Pfeifer

A young balloon falls in love, but his fairytale romance doesn't go as planned.

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Norway | 2016 | 96 minutes | Erik Skjoldbjærg

Norwegian director Erik Skjoldbjærg (Insomnia) returns with a slow-burn psychological thriller based on the true story of a fire chief’s son of who terrorizes his rural community with a series of increasingly dangerous fires over the course of a long, hot summer.

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USA | 2017 | 82 minutes | Amanda Lipitz

Winner of the Lena Sharpe Award for Persistence of Vision (Amanda Lipitz)

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The Art of Memories

USA | 2017 | 3 minutes | Kate Graves

A short experimental film that uses an array of cinematic visuals to convey the complex feelings different memories bring up.

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The Chatter Group of Moms and Grandmas

Taiwan | 2017 | 8 minutes | CHEN Tse-Chien, CHIEN Po-Han, HSU Yi-No, LU Hsiang-Chen, HSU Yao-Lin, WU Yu-Ting

A local gathering place holds an important role in the community.

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The Hampton Family Massacre

USA | 2017 | 8 minutes | Ben Schwartz

A boy returns home and his parents are nowhere to be found.

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The Missing Part of Me

USA | 2016 | 8 minutes | Elizabeth Hewlett

Feeling disconnected from her heritage, a young woman turns the camera on herself and discovers a sense of belonging while visiting distant relatives in Nicaragua.

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The Petition

USA | 2016 | 8 minutes | Riley Goodwin, Kibiriti Majuto

Students investigate the growing societal rift surrounding a controversial statue.

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The Race Project

USA | 2016 | 9 minutes | Brianna Mutsindashyaka

The Buffalo Youth Media Institute interviews community members about their perspective and experiences with 'Race'.

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Time Trap

USA | 2017 | 90 minutes | Ben Foster, Mark Dennis

When their professor goes missing during an expedition to find the Fountain of Youth, a group of archaeology students track him into a mysterious cave where a rift in the space-time continuum causes time to pass differently underground than on the surface.

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Canada | 2016 | 89 minutes | Bruce McDonald

Narrated by the imaginary spirit of Andy Warhol, Bruce McDonald’s sparkling coming-of-age road journey is set in the summer of 1976, when best friends Kit and Alice leave their small town in Nova Scotia in search of Kit’s eccentric mother (Molly Parker).

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