FutureWave Shorts

FutureWave Shorts

2022 | 84 min | Various

April 14 - 24, 2022

We believe the children are our future. See shorts from around the world created by filmmakers under 18 who represent the next generation of cinema. Co-presented with NFFTY.

Sponsored by Chris Newell


  • Director: Various
  • Year: 2022
  • Running Time: 84 min
  • Format: DCP

Packaged Films


USA | 2021 | 5 min | Martaize Smith

A music video for Moyana Olivia's song, "X-Ray,” written to raise awareness to racial injustice and encourage people to take tangible action against police brutality by voting and speaking.

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Think Like A Filmmaker

USA | 2021 | 6 min | Eli Berliner

Eli Berliner turns the camera on his father, Alan, a personal documentary filmmaker, whose new body of work approaches sculpture through the eyes of a filmmaker.

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USA | 2021 | 2 min | Matthew Medellin

Avast, me hearties! Sail the seas with this stop-motion pirate’s tale that brings life to Legos.

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USA | 2021 | 7 min | Carlos Alvarez

In this anxiety-laden comedy, a new bookstore owner comes to find out that his first signing may not go as planned.

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Waiting for Divine Intervention

USA | 2021 | 7 min | Bella Muñoz

A struggling professional in New York meets a devilishly charming friend that changes her life forever.

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A Stellar Vacation!

USA | 2022 | 5 min | Noah Shin

An overworked asteroid seeks to escape from the daily grind of life. Little does he realize, his getaway will have a global impact!

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Life With the Patels

USA | 2022 | 5 min | Sejal Patel

In this comedic film, three different, true storylines within the Patel family are deftly intertwined to culminate in a shared lesson learned by all.

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USA | 2021 | 5 min | Jocelyn Lane Gray

In a world consumed by so many distractions, what would happen if we set our phones down and looked around us?

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Crooked River

USA | 2021 | 7 min | Henry Shriber

Set in America’s West, the true story of a family’s generational wealth is revealed through the legend of a father and son who rob a prospector.

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Ireland | 2021 | 10 min | Max Hendrickson

A young man who visits an abandoned house in the mountains is haunted by its sinister pagan past.

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China | 2021 | 4 min | Eva Li

Do you ever feel like heteronormativity is being shoved down your throat? This dreamlike short tells the story of Eva and an unrequited crush on her friend, Lucy.

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Hear, There

USA | 2021 | 3 min | Cayla Kushner

In this visual poem about lost friends, an individual longs for brighter skies and more vivid voices in times of crisis and isolation.

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The Evening Primrose

China | 2021 | 5 min | Jasmine Wan

An outbreak of rain washed down the village, like it was doomed to suffer such punishment from the God, leaving a discotheque in ruins but a love story forever remembered.

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Love, Jake

USA | 2021 | 10 min | Jake Adler

An intimate personal film about a teen boy’s experience of grief and loss filmed over ten years, using footage from The 5000 Days Project. This film carries a trigger warning for discussion of suicide.

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USA | 2021 | 3 min. | Mali (Sienna) Crosby

The story of the loss of innocence of the young prey who has been maimed by the predator. This film is co-presented with NFFTY. This film carries a trigger warning for discussion of sexual abuse/predation.

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